Black & Decker LCC420 String Trimmer and Sweeper Lithium Ion Combo Kit

Black & Decker LCC420 String Trimmer and Sweeper Lithium Ion Combo KitFrom the amount of trimmers and sweepers out there, it can often be quite a challenge to find the right one. Black and Decker has created quite a lot of superior products, and one of their most popular one is their LCC420 String Trimmer and Sweeper Lithium Ion Combo Kit which is known to offer quite quality features and specifications. If you are still a bit hesitant to own this trimmer and sweeper, then you should really consider learn more about what it has to offer and how it can benefit you.

Black & Decker LCC420 String Trimmer and Sweeper Lithium Ion Combo Kit Review

This trimmer and sweeper comes with a PowerDrive transmission that delivers way more power from its core motor to cut faster and more efficiently with ease. This device also features an automatic feed spool that makes sure to continue working without having to bump or stop to adjust the spool. It can also easily convert from a trimmer to an edger without any issues just from the turn of its shaft. However, what makes it such an amazing product is that it is super quiet and easy to start, therefore you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone whilst it is in use. This allows you to create superior cutting results without worrying about making any messes that come from gas powered edgers and trimmers. Its pivoting handle along with its adjustable length enables it to be such a versatile trimmer and edger. It is also is such a lightweight edger and trimmer weighing just 3.7 pounds, and so no matter how long you may use it, you won’t have to worry about it causing you any strain or fatigue. To provide even more comfort while using this edger and trimmer, it even comes with a no slip soft grip that provides a steady grip at all times.

You might also appreciate the fact that it has quite a long battery life and doesn’t require much time for it to fully charge. To make it even more attractive, it has such a nice clean and simple design that everyone will enjoy. So if you want to maintain your lawn without having to put in much work, then you should definitely consider purchasing this superior Black and Deck edger and trimmer. Its features and benefits will definitely make every trim and edging session such a breeze without having to spend a fortune.


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